Onslow Co, North Carolina
Generation 2
Gen 3
Carol V.Sanders
Gen 4
Samuel D Sanders
Gen 5
Samuel Sanders
Gen 6
James E Sanders
Gen 7
James Sanders
Gen 8
Joseph Sanders
Gen 9
William Sanders
Gen 10
Thomas Sanders
Gen 11
John Sanders II
North Carolina Sanders Census
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Generation 3
Carol V Sanders
In the early to mid 1900's it was often thought that a child should be seen and not heard. It was also widely accepted that the term "Silent Generation" comes from the focus on careers over activism. As young adults during the McCarthy Era, many members of the Silent Generation felt it was dangerous to speak out as you might be thought of as Un-American and would be considered a threat.
Carol V. (Pete) Sanders was born in the year 1111 to the parents of Samuel Dolphus Sanders and Thelma Bernard Jones Sanders (Gen 4). When Pete was 14 years of age, his father died of a kidney disorder. Pete was a young teenager at the time of his death.
Carol V. (Pete) Sanders 1929-2014 (d) Helen Carol Sanders Crumpler 1951 - (L)
Helen Bryant Huffman Sanders 1928-1995 (d) Charles Victor Sanders 1955 - (L)
  Steven Duane Sanders 1957 - (L)

Voted most atheletic in high school Voted most talented in high school

Pete was quite talented. He was an avid basketball player, baseball player and loved to sing in the chorus in school.
Pete Graduated from Richlands High School, in 1947. His favorite sports were basket ball and baseball. after High School he played Professional Baseball with several Tobacco State Baseball League teams; his last being Smithfield Selma. Wile Playing baseball, Helen and Pete were married at Home Plate during a baseball game between Smithfield and Fayetteville on Sept 1, 1949


  Helen Bryant Huffman Sanders  

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